naistenpäivä 8.3.

International Women's Day is an official event already in many countries. The tradition is that men honor their moms, wifes, girlfriends, collegues or other close women.

In honor of Women's Day and every women ladies will get two buffet or business lunches for one.
Buffet lunch 11.5 eur / for two
Business lunch 35.5 eur / for two

If you haven't got the time to celebrate during work, you'll have a chance also in the evening!
Women's Day Chef's menu 45 eur / for two

Come with or without a reservation!

  • Chef's menu for Women's Day

  • Lobster soup
    Lime pan fried domestic whitefish, herb-potato crèmé and whitefish roe Beurre Blanc
    Baby lamb roast beef from Ahvenanmaa and rosemary sauce
    Cloudberry Crème Brûlée

    • for two 45 €