vapun buffet

  • buffet

    Available for everyone who takes the buffet, for the adults and for the children.

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    Roe pasties LF
    Whisky herring and sour cream herring LF, GF
    Curry Baltic herring and onion herring LF, GF
    House lime lax DF, GF
    Shrimp and cucumber-coleslaw salad DF, GF
    Smoked vendace mousse LF, GF
    Chicken Caesar salad LF
    Country terrine and apple compote LF, GF
    Roasted vegetables, green asparagus and mozzarella cheese LF, GF
    Oven roasted tomatoes, olives and rocket LF, GF
    Grandmother’s salad LF, GF
    Green salad DF, GF
    House selection of bread
    Butter and chive cream cheese LL, GF
    Roasted trout from Ahvenanmaa and European crayfish sauce LF, GF
    Roasted Hereford ox fillet and cognac-cream sauce LF, GF
    Chanterelle risotto LF, GF
    New potatoes LF, GF
    Garlic-cream potatoes LF, GF
    Asparagus-spring vegetable bake LF, GF
    Chocolate cake LF
    Strawberry mousse LF, GF
    Fresh fruit salad DF, GF
    Marshmellows LF, GF
    Doughnuts LF
    Coffee and tea