Mother’s Day buffet

  • Mother's Day buffet

    Available for everyone who takes the buffet, for the adults and for the children.

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    Shrimp tartare and rye chips LF
    Smoked Arctic char and cucumber yoghurt LF, GF
    Cold smoked salmon and remoulade sauce LF, GF
    Spinach-mozzarella quiche LF
    Duck terrine and apricot LF, GF
    Romaine salad, crispy bacon and parmesan cheese LF
    Savoury tartare meat, cress and Dijon-mustard mayonnaise LF, GF
    Melon, feta cheese, herb and roasted nut LF, GF
    Crispy green salad and sprouts DF, GF
    House bread selection LF
    Butter and cream cheese LL, GF
    Roasted salmon and chanterelle sauce LF, GF
    Grilled baby lamb ripple and Calvados sauce LF, GF
    Honey flavoured sweet potato and goat cheese LF, GF
    New potatoes LF, GF
    Potato gratin LF, GF
    Springlike vegetable bake LF, GF
    House strawberry-whipped cream cake LF
    Passion fruit-white chocolate mousse GF
    Fruits DF, GF
    Chocolate pieces of confectionery and biscuits LL
    Coffee and tea