• Father's Day buffet

    • 39,5

    Green salad DF, GF
    Balsamic flavoured champignons and sweet pepper purée LF, GF
    Roasted pumpkin and maple syrup LL, GF
    European crayfish tartare and organic crackers LF
    Lingonberry Baltic herring and curry herring LF, GF
    Smoked whitefish, pickled vegetables and tartare LF, GF
    Cold smoked salmon and eggs with salmon roe LF, GF
    Caesar salad and chicken GF
    Juicy BBQ pork and sesame LF
    House ox terrine and vodka cranberries LF, GF
    House bread selection and Archipelago bread
    Butter and cream cheese LL


    Cep lasagne flavoured with truffles LF
    Roasted domestic whitefish and tomato-butter sauce LF, GF
    Grilled ox tenderloin and sauce à la Burgundi LF, GF
    Root pan cakes LF, GF
    Garlic-cream potatoes LF, GF
    Autumn vegetables flavoured with honey DF, GF


    House layer cake
    Passion fruit panna cotta
    Fresh fruit tartare LL, GF
    Cookies and pieces of confectionery
    Coffee, tea