• B i s t r o m e n u

    Served on weekdays starting from 2.30 pm and during weekends from noon.



  • Ice cellar salmon DF, GF

    • 12,5

    Ice cellar salmon, cress and wasabi aioli

  • Ox tartare DF, GF

    • 15,5

    Lightly smoked ox tartare, root chips and herb mustard crème

  • Archipelago plank

    • 17,5

    Fish plank - broiled cold smoked salmon, crab-salmon pastry, smoked vendace two ways with potato ''pan cake'' LF


    Children under 12 years old, normal portions half a price

  • Warm chevre salad LF, GF

    • 13,5 / 19,6

    Fresh salad, fresh pineapple, pomegranate, nut, strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette

  • Duck salad DF

    • 14,5 / 21,5

    Salad from savory chicken, mango and sesame vinaigrette LF, GF

  • House burger LF

    • 18,9

    Fresh grilled race boeuf steak, Romaine salad, Monterey Jack cheese, pickled cucumber, balsamic syrup, tomatoes, smoked mayonnaise and Country French fries

  • Vege burger LF

    • 17,9

    Crispy falafel patty, Romaine salad, oven roasted tomatoes, pickled cucumber, mint yoghurt and country French fries

  • Fettuccine-scampi pasta LF

    • 23,5

    Fettuccine pasta, tomato-lobster sauce, spinach and pan-fried scampi

  • Pan-fried whitefish LF

    • 27,5

    Pan-fried fresh whitefish, spring vegetables and lemon-butter sauce

  • Grilled marbled ox LF, GF

    • 28,5

    Grilled marbled ox, scampi, béarnaise sauce and country French fries


    Children under 12 years old, normal portions half a price

  • Salmon soup LF

    • 10,5 / 16,5

    Creamy salmon soup, Finnish Archipelago bread and butter

  • Smoked Atlantic salmon LF, GF

    • 27,8

    House smoked Atlantic salmon, spring vegetables, dill potatoes and tartare sauce

  • Wallenberg steak LF

    • 23,5

    Wallenberg steak, potato butter, peas and lingonberry jam


  • Wasabi aioli DF, GF

    • 1
  • Garlic bread LF

    • 4,5
  • Fresh salad DF, GF

    • 5,5
  • Country French fries DF, GF

    • 5,5

    Optional flavours parmesan cheese, truffle and Cajun


  • Citrus-strawberry pavlova LF, GF

    • 9,5

    Citrus mousse, fresh strawberries and merengue

  • Crêpe LF

    • 10,5

    Crêpe with raspberry- blueberry jam and vanilla whipped cream

  • Artisan ice cream scoop LL

    • 5

    Italian gelato made from whole milk. Flavour options pistachio, vanilla and strawberry


    Additional sauce à 1

    Chocolate, caramel, blueberry-raspberry jam or vanilla whipped cream