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Blue Peter offers meeting spaces for 10-120 persons. Four meeting spaces, two located in Blue Peters own spaces and two on the south side of the restaurant in the premises of the yacht clubs Club house. Ground, space, lunch, breakfast, snacks and evening tea is possible. After a meeting you can also come and enjoy fresh drinks to the terrace and a relaxing dinner in Merisali.
Contact our sales service, and we'll gladly tell you more about our spaces and goods. +358 10 4249800

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In Klubi cabinet it is easy to arrange meeting for less than 30 persons. The space is possible to separate from Sali with dividing walls and when you need a break you can walk straight to the terrace to enjoy the sun.

Sali fits up to 150 persons for meetings and even with a smaller group of participants it's a nice place to have a meeting. Without a reservation Sali works on weekdays as a place to enjoy our buffet lunch.

HSK Iso Pässi is a splendid meeting space for 30-60 persons. The space has two marvelous views in different directions and an oceanic atmosphere.

HSK Kellosaari cabinet is located in the second floor of the Club house. The space includes a meeting space for a 12 persons entourage as well as a small sojourn space and two terraces towards the morning and evening sun.

meeting packages and goods

You can find from us different meeting packages from a full day meeting to breakfast and dinner meetings. We take the wishes of the customer always into consideration in meetings and the goods for the meetings, in every event we arrange. You can choose from lighter and fuller options of food and beverage services up to all gluten free goods.

After a meeting day you can come with your entourage easily to dine delicious bistro dishes or you can plan together with our executive chef and sales service a menu fitting your needs perfectly.
many cooperation partners - activities during a meeting day or after

Breakfast meeting 8am to 11am
Lunch meeting 12am to 3pm
Day meeting 11am to 5pm
Whole day meeting 8am to 5pm

8:00 Breakfast
Smoked ham, turkey cold cuts, cream cheese, emmental cheese
Tomato, cucumber, lettuce and pickled cucumber
Scrambled eggs
House bread selection and cream cheese spread
Berry smoothie and fruits
Small sweet bite
Coffee / tea

8:00 Brakfast
Fresh wholegrain bun - with meat, fish or vegetable filling
Berry smoothie
Fruit platter
Small sweet bite
Coffee / tea

11:00 Buffet lunch
Plentiful salad table, main courses with side dishes, dessert with coffee and tea

14:30 Evening tea
House sweet coffeebread
Beverage selection
Coffee / tea