That's how it started!

Past sailors, long term entrepreneurs, brothers Jussi and Ville Forsman have been in the rudder of Blue Peter successfully for the past 15 years. Idea to start as entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry came over in the benches of sauna over a little while of thinking, when their 49er-sailing courier ended when a place at the Olympics didn't open to the brothers in the year 2000.

”Entrepreneurship is a little like competitive sailing regatta - whom is momentarily the fastest or the best, doesn't win. The winner is whom makes the least of mistakes.”

The recipe of success is not about Fine tuning, but unpretentious and versatile food product as well as variety in services offered. 2006 brothers signed a long-term lease that made a possibility to a full renovation, where framework was edited to the 21st century. 

“The goal of the renovation was to achieve an atmosphere that would be relaxing and business like, where the members of the HSK-yacht club would prosper along with other clients. Good food and  a suitable variety in the selections of wines makes the restaurant naturally  more pleasant”, the restauranteurs tell.

Behind the appearance of Blue Peter is a well-known design office dSign Vertti Kivi & Co.
Year 2008 the entrepreneur brothers were rewarded as the entrepreneurs of the year in Lauttasaari. Entrepreneur reward was based on a massive chance to extent the restaurant services as well as making operations more growing and profitable. At its best the brothers have been in the rudder of four restaurants in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Today they pilot two restaurants by the sea - Blue Peter and Faro.

The division of work between the brothers is relatively clear - Ville monitors the money trunk and Jussi takes care that money is spent in marketing and in the properties. Ville is a punctual leader, Jusa in the other hand peers where the world is going; generates ideas and makes solutions to different situations. 
Katja has been working in the restaurant company for a little less than 10 years in different positions from sales to human resources management. Part of the working time is spent somewhere between the duties of the entrepreneurs - no day is similar like other! Katja tries to make things work so that the managers of the restaurants have the supply and tools for day to day management. As responsibilities Katja has employment matters as well as being meticulous regarding also the service product and creating a great working vibe.

The kitchen team is led by a fantastic duo, Minna and Blagoja. They started leading Blue Peter's superb kitchen team on the end of summer 2017. Internationality is seen in the food product as well as staff - even at this moment we have chefs from a few different countries. Busy moments are performed thru joy - from the bunch you can find humoristic persons to lighten up hectic situations. Our kitchen prepares the bistro diches with pride and stands behind them.

Anni and Titta are responsible of the actions and team of workers in the restaurant hall. They take care of the satisfaction of the clients with a sunny and customer prone team. Tight team of five is multiplied by three during summer seasons. The lot is filled up with professional waitresses and managers as well as youngsters getting to know the field of work as restaurant assistants.

 As a combined objective we want to produce successful visits and event for the customer with our smiles on. We drive to do everything for our customers, but sometimes even our touch can slip a little trying to do our best. So, we gladly take all brickbats and bouquets, so that we can make our service even better. That said, don't hesitate to give us straight feedback - we appreciate it and we want to evolve. Thank you!