christmas lunch

We offer for bigger and smaller groups Christmas lunch on weekdays starting from 27th of November until 21st of December from 11am until 2pm. At the table you can find loads of Christmas treats made entirely by our cooks.
We recommend a table reservation!
During December we also serve a Christmas flavoured Archipelago table.

  • Menu

  • House cognac graved Atlantic salmon and horseradish-mustard sauce LF, GF
    Warm smoked salmon and egg-Archipelago bread salad LF

    Marinated coal Baltic herring DF, GF
    Whiskey herring LF
    Mustard and cranberry Baltic herring LF, GF
    Smoked vendace mousse LF, GF
    Roe mousse LF, GF
    Little blinis and dill potatoes LF
    House country terrine and onion compote LF, GF
    Traditional roast beef and mini pickles LF, GF
    Lightly smoked duck breast and apricot LF, GF
    Salad from salted forest mushrooms LF, GF
    Salad à la Waldorf LF, GF
    Red grapefruit and chevre salad LF, GF
    Old fashioned rosolli salad and beetroot cream LF, GF
    Green salad and Lappish cheese LF, GF
    House bread selection, butter and cream cheese



    Blazed salmon LF, GF
    Smoked turkey roast and dark cranberry sauce LF, GF
    Traditional Christmas ham and mustard sauce LF
    Potato LL, turnip LF and carrot casserole LF


    Truffle-chocolate cake
    Gluhwein flavoured apple and vanilla crème LL, Gf
    Selection of cheeses LL, GF
    Ginger biscuits and cookies
    Christmas chocolates and marmalade
    Coffee, tea

    • 39,5 €