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Important special days, weddings, parties and other private events for up to 200 persons!

In Blue Peter has been arranged for decades stunning wedding parties and snazzy private events - during the day and evening. Event spaces can be molded to various shapes from cocktail events to dinners.

Don't hesitate to contact our reliable sales service. We'll gladly help you with the event planning and idea generating.

You can choose the menu from our readymade proposals or plan your own together with our sales service and executive chef. 010 424 9800


For bigger events Sali and Klubi works together making an own stunning event space surrounded by windows and a beautiful seascape. In Sali you can party until the small hours of the night with a band or a DJ making your guests and you dance as well as enjoy the sunset on a private section of the terrace.

At Klubi it is easy to arrange intimate and smaller parties enjoying at the same time delicious food and direct entrance to the terrace.

From Merisali, there is a beautiful view towards the sea and Jätkäsaari. In the space, you can arrange birthday parties as well as smaller entourage brunches and dinners. Also, a beautiful memorial service is possible to arrange with class in Merisali. You can choose the menu from several different event menus or plan your own looking menu with our sales service and executive chef.


In Blue Peter is stunning oceanic and atmospheric setting to arrange weddings during winter or summer. Smaller or bigger entourages is possible, we can arrange an unforgettable wedding for many wishes. To our bigger event space, you can fit up to 140 persons with a dancefloor and a band. The space has windows facing three main cardinal directions and an own section of terrace facing a peaceful dock and evening sun. In the space, you can party until the small hours of the night dancing to the lovely music of a band or DJ.

You can choose the menu that suits you from our readymade wedding menus or plan your looking menu with our sales service and executive chef. We can arrange table served menus as well as buffet menus. We gladly hear about your wishes regarding the menu, so that we can execute the best menu for your wedding and you.


Birthday closing and you're looking for a venue?

Smaller and bigger birthday parties are possible. At Blue Peter, you'll arrange party of the century as well as a delicious dinner with your lovely friends and family. Menus you can find from table served menus up to party menus. With stunning food and fresh drinks, you'll arrange a party that is a subject of discussion for a long period.

You can party to the small hours of the night while dancing to marvelous music by a band or a DJ.

We customize selection of offered goods always individually, so don't hesitate to contact us. - 010 4249800